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Are your confidential files & document boxes taking over your office?
Need somewhere safe to keep them?
Document storage boxes can take up a considerable amount of space, whether they are stored at your office or at home in the attic. As your Business grows, so does the need for archive storage. If you are paying rent for an office or factory, the last thing you need is all that space being overtaken by archive boxes.
Sophisticated Document Storage Somerset
Secure Document Storage Somerset
Beehive Self Storage offers an advanced archive service which works out to be a much more cost effective solution for record storage than renting self storage units. To save you the time and money, we will come and collect your archive boxes from your premises and deposit them into our purpose built, private record storage facility.
Each of your archive boxes are labelled with a unique barcode and scanned onto our secure software specifically designed for archive box storage management. Each time you require a box, we will then be able to look up exactly where it is in our record storage facility and withdraw it for you quickly and efficiently. This saves your Business both time and money as searching for a particular file amongst hundreds of document boxes can be very time consuming to say the least!
You can then either collect your document boxes from us, or we can deliver them back to you. Any additional document boxes you accumulate in the future can also be collected by us and added into storage. Our software will give us a breakdown each month of how many boxes you are storing with us and how many collections or deliveries have taken place that month.

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