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Packing Tips:

- Invest in good quality packing materials to ensure your goods are protected and use plenty of packing tape to ensure your boxes are secure at both top and bottom.

- Place heavier items in smaller boxes for ease of lifting.

- Number each of your boxes and create an inventory for each box so you can easily determine what is in each box.

- Tissue paper and small cell bubble wrap is ideal for wrapping smaller items such as ornaments and delicate items whilst large cell bubble wrap is suited to large pictures, mirrors and glass top tables.

- Wardrobe cartons are perfect for hanging clothes but also work well for hanging curtains and drapes to ensure fabrics remain uncreased.

- Furniture covers make sure that your mattresses, armchairs and sofas stay dry on moving day and also ensure that no dirty handprints are left on your upholstery.
For information on the high quality packing materials we offer, please visit our Packing Materials page
Using your storage space efficiently.
To help you utilise your storage space efficiently, consider these helpful tips when packing your goods into store:

- Dismantle and flat pack any furniture such as beds or shelving.

- Consider storing your sofa in an upright position to make the most of the ceiling height.

- Be aware of void spaces in wardrobes and chest of drawers as you could fill them with boxes or other goods.

- Determine what you may need to access whilst your goods are in store. For example, put furniture at the back of the unit whilst put paper work you will need to access in a box at the front.

- Sometimes storing in two smaller units can be beneficial if you need to access certain goods more frequently.