In recent years, self storage has experienced a significant surge in popularity, becoming a  practical solution for individuals and businesses alike, with the annual growth rate within the storage industry at 7.7% , and forecast to grow by another 10% over the next 3 years. Whether you’re moving house, downsizing, in need of additional space, or decluttering, self-storage offers a multitude of benefits. This is reflected with a 83.3% occupancy of self storage units being maintained year on year.

So, what is all the fuss about with these big metal boxes?

In this blog we will break down 5 key reasons behind the growth in popularity of self-storage. Discover why an increasing number of people are turning to self-storage as a reliable solution to their needs.

Changing Lifestyles and Housing Trends

As lifestyles evolve, housing trends continue to shift, and wardrobes seem to shrink overnight, the need for extra storage space has become increasingly prevalent in today’s society. Smaller houses and apartments are becoming more and more common within new housing developments, resulting in limited storage options within the home, and external space being needed, with over 50% of new family homes in the UK being reported to be too small for most buyers. Additionally, a long-term effect of the pandemic has caused a surge in people opting to downsize their homes as a result of inflation, and subsequently the cost-of-living crisis. This again leaving them with a need for external storage space, where many have come to recognise that it is a more affordable storage option as opposed to paying the price of additional square footage for more living space. A popular, flexible, and convenient solution to this is self storage.

Growing E-Commerce and Home-Based Businesses

The need for business storage is constantly growing, with rapid growth of e-commerce and home-based businesses fuelling the demand for self storage. As online sellers, entrepreneurs, and home-based businesses accumulate inventory, equipment, business records, archives and other items that take up space but are not needed to hand, many require dedicated storage to help effectively manage their business operations.

Home Business Delivery And Packing Work


Business storage at Beehive Storage facilities means there’s no lease, business rates, or contract fees, and you can safely and securely store your items in a controlled environment without the barrier of a large overhead.

Life Transitions and Temporary Storage Needs

Life is full of transitions and unexpected twists and turns, from moving or travelling for an extended period of time, to renovating, where people who are moving or renovating their homes are 3 times more likely to use self storage. During such transitions, self storage provides a safe and reliable option for storing your belongings temporarily. This will allow you to keep your possessions secure until you’re ready to retrieve them, offering you peace of mind during a transitional period.

Decluttering and Organisation

In today’s fast-paced world, clutter can quickly accumulate and begin to negatively affect productivity, focus, and mental health, and with the likes of Mrs Hinch and Marie Condo decluttering has become a viral sensation. Self storage offers a fantastic solution for decluttering and organising your space.

Unpacking cardboard boxes after moving, man cleans new apartment cluttered with things from previous home, looks at items, planning decorations, living room furnishings

Whether you’re downsizing, experiencing a change in family dynamics, or are wanting an organised, clutter free home, a self storage unit will allow you to store any excess items, whether that’s seasonal decorations or surplus furniture, freeing up space in your home and aiding in creating your desired home environment. Self storage also offers an additional option when it comes to what to do with your belongings, giving you the opportunity to clear the clutter from your home without having to permanently part with anything.

Ease of Use

Self storage units such as ours at Beehive Storage offer customers much more than simply basic storage to hide away your random collection of garden gnomes. We offer our customers a worry-free experience and aim to make the storage process as simple as possible for you; with secure indoor units, 24/7 CCTV and alarm monitoring, flexible agreements to suit your needs, acceptance of deliveries on your behalf, no deposits or hidden charges, clean, dry units, and the collection and delivery of archived documents – we’ve got you covered! All of our locations are easy to access with readily available parking, and you can treat your storage unit as your own, popping in whenever you need to retrieve something. We additionally go as far as to offer van hire to get your belongings to and from your unit, as well as boxes and other packing materials to make the entire process easier. We believe that if something is worth paying to put in storage, it’s important to get it right!

No matter your needs, self storage can provide you with the flexibility, security, and convenience necessary to meet your storage requirements. Consider the benefits of self storage and unlock a world of possibilities for a more organised and clutter-free life. To discover how Beehive Storage can meet your storage needs, visit our website here.