Running a business requires a lot of juggling, with inventory management, equipment storage and workspace limitations quickly becoming burdens. However, self storage units offer a surprising solution for entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. In this blog, we explore the benefits of self storage units for 5 different types of businesses.

1. E-Commerce

The boom of the e-commerce industry has created a huge surge in online sellers. Whether you’re on Etsy, Amazon, or have your own webstore, a self storage unit could be your saviour. Store your products securely, pack orders efficiently and utilise the space for pre-delivery prep all under one roof! Imagine the efficiency of having all your inventory close at hand, with easy access and extra space to move around and organise your stock. No more scrambling through a messy garage or sacrificing a room in your house to overflowing boxes. A self storage space provides a cost-effective opportunity to manage your inventory and scale your storage needs as your business grows, giving you the ideal solution to your inventory struggles.

Jeweller setting a precious stone with pincers on a ring

2. The Crafty Entrepreneur

If you’re an artisan, jeweller, or maker, you can transform your storage unit into a creative hub. You can use the space to store materials, set up a dedicated workspace for crafting, and stage photos for your online presence. Potters can keep their clay and glazes organised, jewellers can have a secure space for precious metals and gemstones and knitters can store wool and display finished products, all within the same unit. Having a designated creative space allows you to separate your work life from your home life, making it easier to focus, be more productive, and with good lighting and a clean environment, you can use your unit to take photos of your creations for online listings or social media promotion.

Plumbing tools and materials

3. Mobile Service Providers

Plumbers, electricians and other mobile service providers can use a storage unit to keep your equipment organised and accessible. With a storage unit, you can load up your van directly from the unit, ensuring you have everything you need to tackle the day’s jobs. Imagine the time saved not having to rummage through a cluttered garage or overflowing workshop. A storage unit allows you to organise your tools and equipment efficiently, maximising space and ensuring everything is readily available. This will help you provide a more professional service for your clients, as you’ll arrive prepared and ready to work.

Young girl shopping in second hand clothes shop.

4. Event Extraordinaires

Party planners, caterers and event organisers often require storage for bulky equipment like tables, chairs and decorations. A storage unit keeps your suppliers safe and eliminates the hassle of squeezing them into an overflowing office space. No more struggling to find space for tablecloths, chairs and centrepieces in your office. A storage unit provides a dedicated space to house all your events essentials, keeping them organised and protected from dust and damage. This helps to smooth out the event setup process, allowing you to focus on creating a memorable experience for your clients.

Woman writing on calendar

5. The Seasonal Seller

Businesses with seasonal inventory fluctuations can benefit greatly from self storage. Christmas ornament shops, garden furniture retailers and winter clothing retailers can store off-season stock without causing a mess in your primary workspace. Imagine being able to free up valuable retail floor space for your in-season products. A storage unit allows you to keep off-season inventory organised and readily accessible when the time comes. This gets rid of the need for expensive second locations or inconvenient stock rotation within your main shop.

Benefits of Self Storage Units for Businesses

Self storage offers more than just square footage. Renting a self storage unit is a budget-friendly and adaptable solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes. By considering your specific needs, you can leverage a storage unit to smooth operations, optimise inventory management and free up valuable space for business endeavours.

At Beehive Storage, your local self storage facility, we provide security measures such as CCTV surveillance and flexible rental agreements across all our self storage facilities, allowing you to scale your storage needs up or down as your business grows.

To find out more about the benefits of self storage at Beehive Storage, get in touch today and explore the storage solutions available to you.