Each year 66% of the UK population set New Year’s Resolutions ready to change things up, wipe the slate clean and enjoy a fresh start. Whether it’s hitting the gym, learning a new skill, or finally tidying up that chaotic cupboard space; resolutions come in all shapes and sizes. If you’ve decided that 2024 is going to be the year to get organised and make better use of your space at home, we are here to help you succeed! 

In this blog, we provide some practical tips to help you on the journey to a more organised future, helping you to stay firmly on the resolutions bandwagon. 

1. Set Clear Goals

Hand holding pen ticking checkboxes in red pen 

Setting clear goals is the backbone of any successful resolution. Don’t allow yourself to feel overwhelmed with what feels like a monumental task; instead break down your goal into manageable measurable tasks. For example, if your resolution is to declutter your living space, specify areas like your cupboards, kitchen cabinets, or even your digital files, establishing precise goals will not only keep you focused, but also give you the satisfaction of ticking off accomplishments along the way. 

 2. Out with the Old

Loads of boxes full of old things stacked up in a mess in a spare room

Although, don’t be too hasty to throw items to landfill – there are plenty of ways to give your unloved items a new lease of life, whether it’s selling them on a digital marketplace such as Facebook or Vinted, donating them to a charity, or recycling the raw materials.  

3. Time Mastery 

Sand running through the bulbs of an hourglass measuring the passing time in a countdown to a deadline, on a blur background

For those who are disorganised and struggling to keep on top of tasks, time is often the worst enemy. Mastering time management is a key step towards achieving a more organised and productive life. To help you on your way to organisational bliss, start by allocating specific time frames for each activity, breaking down larger goals into manageable segments. Don’t just set yourself a task to clean the house in two hours, give yourself a room-by-room schedule in priority order. This will allow you to celebrate the completion of each milestone individually, whilst also creating a sense of urgency, encouraging focus and efficiency.  

Top tip: Embrace tools like calendars and task management apps to schedule your day, ensuring that every minute is utilised effectively! 

4. Delegate and Collaborate  

A Mum and little girl collaborating and helping tidy

Tackling the task of reorganising your space becomes not only more efficient but also surprisingly enjoyable when shared with others. Are there opportunities to engage family members, friends, or colleagues in the process, turning it into a collaborative effort? This way you can play to each other’s strengths and weaknesses and delegate specific tasks where appropriate. This shared responsibility fosters a sense of teamwork, makes tedious tasks more fun and creates a common goal.

5. Mindful Storage Solutions  

A lady storing towels away in functional storage

The right storage solutions can revolutionise your surroundings and your space, enhancing the aesthetic and functionality of your room. Think carefully about your furnishings – versatile storage such as ottomans and coffee tables with hidden compartments provide the ideal solution to stow away items like blankets, magazines and remote controls. Maximise the use of vertical space by installing shelves or wall-mounted organisers, turning bare walls into efficient storage zones for books, plants, or decorative items. Drawer dividers in your kitchen can create designated spaces for utensils, making meal preparation a breeze. Don’t neglect the power of transparent storage containers; these can revolutionise cupboards, letting you quickly identify and access seasonal clothing or accessories. Thinking about the effectiveness of your existing storage solutions will be a vital part of your organisational efforts. Investing in the right new furnishings and storage solutions really can make all the difference when it comes to making the most of your space. 

If you have already done all you can for space optimisation at home, got your storage sorted and are still struggling to keep things looking organised, at this stage there may be a strong case for investing in a dedicated storage unit. Imagine a scalable space away from your home, where you can store the things you love that just don’t quite fit anymore. Your items will be secure, accessible and all whilst your house stays looking clean and organised. 

At Beehive Storage, we have various storage solutions available in an array of sizes, ready and waiting to remove the stress of storing your belongings. To browse our many storage options, click here to help make your 2024 organisation a breeze.