Top Reasons to hire a Removal Service

Whether you’re planning a big move of your office, home or else, there are multiple different reasons as to why you should hire a professional removal service to do the work for you. Many people use these services simply to have a helping hand, whilst others don’t have the choice due to the huge amount of goods they need to move.

Though costs can be cut by doing the entire move yourself, many people often struggle with the physicality of the move and end up taking a longer time then originally thought. We’ve put together the top reasons why we think you should hire a team of professional experts for your next move.

Cost Effective

Whilst completing the move in a hired out van may seem like the less expensive option at first, it’s important to take into account things that could potentially happen and what exactly you are going to need to pay for. For example, things will need to be packed correctly, or damage could possibly occur. In which case you’ll need insurance and there is also the cost of the van that will need to be hired. The cost of a removal company is likely to compare well against all the individual costs you will need to pay out for.


Professional removal services are able to organise and pack your goods in a safe, secure and effective way, and all is included in the price. With years of experiencing with moving goods, they are able to avoid any damage and pack them into appropriate containers or boxes before the move. Your items will then be packed tightly and securely into the moving van which will transport all items to their new location with no sign of breakage. Once the new location has been reached, the expert movers will be able to carefully unload, unpack and organise the items for your convenience.

No Worries

Taking the time to hire a removal service can take out a lot of the stress that infamously comes with moving. You won’t need to worry whether your items will reach their destination or if they’ll arrive in one piece. Removal services allow you to have complete peace of mind and are with you every step of the way. Whether you want to direct during the packing process or would rather the team leave the unpacking until you are around. Professional movers always take care of your valuables as if the items are their own, with you at the forefront of their mind.

Here at Beehive, we offer a Removal Service that can transport your goods in a quick, safe, secure and reliable way. Prior to your big move, why not contact the Beehive Removals team who will be happy to do all the hard work for you? We pride ourselves on offering confidence and great customer satisfaction, as well as being able to cater to all your removal and storage needs, no matter how big or how small!

For more information, call the team on 01460 243100 or fill out the form here.

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5 Ways to Organise Your University Room

5 Ways to Organise Your University Room

While you’re at university, it’s important to keep your room organised. A tidy workspace is essential when studying, and you’ll need space for when friends come to visit! Here are 5 ways to organise your university room:

Interesting storage solutions

Keep an eye out for quirky containers that could be used for storage in your university room. Charity shops are fantastic places to find things like this. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • A retro tea tin could be used for pens or spare change, or you could fill it tea bags and bring it back to its original purpose!
  • Use a biscuit tin to keep all your important paperwork in one place.
  • An old suitcase may be a bit impractical to take on holiday now that we all use wheelie cases, but it makes a great alternative to a laundry basket.

Invest in throws

Throws can be used for a variety of purposes, from keeping you warm at night to hiding that pile of laundry you’ve not sorted out yet. Buy a couple in your favourite colours, and bring some personality into your room. No one needs to know what’s hiding underneath a throw, so you can give the illusion of organisation when your parents visit.

Use your walls

One of the best ways to keep your uni room organised is to take advantage of wall space. Here are just a few ways to use your walls:

  • Put up a pin board to attach leaflets, notes, invites and other important scraps of paper that can so easily make a room feel disorganised if left lying around.
  • A chalkboard or whiteboard is a great way to make notes.
  • Attach some hooks to the walls for coats, backpacks, laundry bags…anything that can be hung up!
  • A photo collage on your wall is a great talking point for friends, but it’s also a space-saver. Rather than bringing photo frames that will clutter your desk, put them all the wall instead.

Make the most of space

Your university room might be small, but if you search hard enough you are sure to find some space to hide things. For example, the gap under your bed could be used for shoes or the area on top of your wardrobe could store suitcases when they are not in use. Try to pack away items you do not use very often so that they are not using too much space.

Bring only what you need

The key to an organised room is keeping clutter to an absolute minimum, which is not an easy task if you’re living in a small dorm room at university! Rather than packing your whole life away, we recommend bringing only what you need for the term and swapping items throughout the year. You won’t need your shorts and sandals in the winter, and during the summer months, a winter coat is only going to take up valuable space. If your parents have turned your old bedroom into a guest room, and there’s no space for your stuff, why not keep it in a local storage unit?

Were these tips useful? If you need any more help organising your university room, feel free to get in touch with us here at Beehive Self Storage.