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Top Tips for Personal Self Storage

The New Year is one of the greatest times for a new beginning. 2017 could be the year you are ready to overhaul your home and store everything away in their correct places. Many people soon realise they have many more possessions then they originally thought they had, and thus begin to struggle to find the right places for them.
Whatever reason you have for deciding to free up some personal, home space, we can help you on your journey with these top tips.

Clean Items

Before any items are stored away, it’s vital to ensure they have been cleaned and thoroughly dried. This means that when the time comes to use your item again, it will need a mere wipe and will be ready for instant use.

Utilise Space

If you live in a house, it’s likely you have space in the loft- and a lot of it! Make sure you use your loft as storage space to avoid clogging up your home. If you have a basement, use that too! However, if you live in a flat, using the space under beds, at the bottom of wardrobes and in utility rooms are great alternatives.

Storage Containers

Plastic storage boxes of multiple sizes are a great way of ensuring you keep things together and tucked neatly away. Not only are they cheap, easy to store and tidy, but they also look great under beds or in the corner of rooms!

Keep Things Tidy

Even after you’ve organised everything and found the correct storage compartments, it’s vital you take the time to keep things tidy, especially if they are still in regular use. As things become unruly and messy, you may find it’s more difficult to find what it is you need!

Search the Internet

If you’re in need of some creative, fun and easy tips for storing everyday household items, searching online can be a great help. Many people take to the internet to share tips and tricks they have come across- for example we loved reading these 20 DIY home organisation hacks!


If you have taken up all the storage space available in your home and still have more bits and bobs to pack away, why not look into a self-storage unit? These are a clean and safe way to store your belongings for a great price. If you have possessions you don’t have the room for but simply can’t get rid of- this could be the perfect solution for you.

Here at Beehive Self Storage, we have twenty different sized storage units, all of which are high quality, indoors and waterproof, ensuring you can have peace of mind whilst storing with us. We also offer free and unlimited access within our opening hours, as well as flexible storage times.

Whatever it is you need storage for, we’ve got the space for you. If you’d like to find out more information on our storage units and what works for you, get in touch with a friendly member of the Beehive team by visiting our contact page or by giving us a call on 08456 436 100.

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Why Self-Storage Could Come In Handy This Christmas

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10 Top Tips to Take the Stress out of Moving House

Couple moving house

When it comes to moving house, careful packing is integral for a smooth move. To ensure the process is stress-free, we have 10 top tips to help you when packing. 

1.       Start packing early

It’s essential you start packing as soon as you can – this will help ease your stress levels as the moving date approaches. You don’t need to have rooms emptied months in advance, but putting away odd items you’re not going to use again is a good way to get the ball rolling.

2.       Stockpile packing material

It’s always a nightmare when you have stuff to pack but nowhere to put it all! It’s wise to create a stockpile of boxes and bubble wrap to make sure you have more than enough when the time comes. If you don’t have much yet, fear not, at Beehive Self Storage we sell all the packing materials you need.

3.       Pack the least important rooms first

When you’re starting to make serious headway and entire rooms are being stored away in cardboard boxes, begin with the rooms that aren’t used as much.

 4.       Declutter while you pack

When you’re clearing away you might come across some old belongings you didn’t know you still had. You need to take some time to carefully consider whether you need certain items or not; don’t be too hasty but remember to be realistic about what you need in your new home.

5.       Fill small boxes with heavy items

It’s far easy to carry one or two heavier items in a smaller container. The lighter items can go in a bigger box, which means the box will hold a lot more objects but will still be manageable.

6.       Big items go first

To make the most of packing space, pack bigger items first, then fill in gaps with smaller objects. However, try not to fill the box too tightly, otherwise you won’t be able to get anything out later.

7.       Heavier boxes on the bottom

When filling your vehicle remember to put heavier boxes on the bottom. It can be deceptive when the heavy objects are in smaller boxes but they’ll hold up fine at the bottom of the pile.

 8.       Label your boxes

Be specific with your labels; write on the sides and mention which room they belong in, to whom they belong to and the contents of the box itself. That way there’s a lot less confusion when unpacking.

9.       Move your furniture in first

It’s quite easy for the boxes to pile up in one room and then it becomes impossible to get the furniture in. If you put the large fixtures and furniture in first, you can negotiate the room’s layout easier and the boxes can fit around everything else.

10.   Storage units

Maybe there are certain rooms you want to focus on decorating and organising before unpacking – a storage unit gives you somewhere to put the extra boxes you aren’t ready to tackle. At Beehive Self Storage we have plenty of units ready to use.
Moving house doesn’t have to be a stressful task if it is approached systematically, and these top tips should help make the process a lot more manageable. If you’re looking for more information to make your packing woes disappear, take a look at our hints and tips on how to store items in our storage units.