Christmas time!

Whisper it but…it’s nearly that time of year, Christmas! It’s just around the corner and with money tight for most, we’ve come up with some budget ideas and present ideas to help this Christmas.

  1. Set up a secret Santa amongst the adults. Then you only need to buy one present instead of 10!
  2. Organise for everyone to bring a dish to Christmas dinner. If you are feeding an army, let them help with the cost.
  3. Get the kids to help with decorations. Collect pine cones and sprinkle them with glitter. Pick some holly to make garlands. Use last years Christmas card as gift tags this year by simply cutting the front off.
  4. Make thoughtful gifts. Make someone’s favourite chocolate, knit them a scarf or make them a preserve like chutney or jam.
  5. Do gift vouchers of your time! Good at DIY? Offer some of your expertise! Good at baking? Offer a voucher for 1 cake etc
  6. Regifting! Now, this can be dangerous, especially if you regift to the person who gave it to you BUT, it’s an excellent way of sharing something you’ve never used and passing it on or gifting something sentimental that has a family value to it.

This Christmas, more than ever, it’s about celebrating but not so much, you put yourself in debt. Everyone is in the same boat and children, even small ones, can understand that it’s better to receive one special gift rather than a mountain of presents that often won’t see the light of day again!

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