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Document Collection & Storage Service

Are boxes of paperwork and confidential files taking over your office?
As your business grows, so does the need for archive storage.

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How our Archiving Service works:

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We’ll collect your boxes from you at no charge (simply pay for mileage)

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When your boxes arrive at our facility, each individual box is given a barcode and scanned into our system so we can retrieve it easily in future.

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Each time you require a box we can deliver it back to you or you can collect.

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Add and remove boxes as you wish, it’s really that simple.

With most documents needing to be kept for up to 7 years it is essential to have somewhere safe and convenient to store your important files. Although many businesses store their documents within their office space, keeping an organised workspace is essential for productivity, and having excess documents and files laying around can negatively impact this.  

Taking advantage of our safe and secure document archiving services will give your business the space to grow whilst your important files and documents are kept safe and sound in our secure self storage facilities, monitored and fully equipped with 24/7 CCTV and alarm systems, to give you peace of mind. With our archiving service we offer the collection of your documents from your chosen location before barcoding them into our system where they are stored in our highly secure Taunton self storage facility. Each time you then require any of your files we can deliver them back to you or organise collection, offering you a service where you can add and remove boxes as you please; it’s as simple as that!  

Key Benefits of Our Document Archiving Services:  

  • Free up office space for businesses  
  • Move towards a ‘paperless’ office  
  • Minimal input required as we take care of it all  
  • Full collection and return service as required  
  • Boxes are barcoded safely into secure storage  
  • Shredding Service also available 
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