So, you need to clear some space and need new storage at home! It could be because you have a child moving back in, having to turn a room into an office so you can work from home or maybe it’s something completely different, maybe you are downsizing your house and Googling storage solutions near me or storage units!

The first thing you need to do is research storage places, or search for self storage near me.

You want somewhere that is conveniently located, storage unit space nearby that you can access when you need to, quickly and easily. And when it comes to self storage units, you want one that has the space you need, to be easy to access, convenient, affordable, clean and safe.

Beehive incorporates all of that. With 3 locations in Lopen, Taunton and Dorset, our storage units are nearby to keep life easier for you.

Then you need to work out what you are looking for. How do you need the storage space to work for you?

Are you looking to pack up a room, do you need to have a storage near you that you can access easily, maybe you need storage services for a business? Looking after your business and its important documents and offering archiving, clearing space in the office and using self storage for stock and equipment, being convenient and taking in parcels when you need help with deliveries…all services offered by Beehive Storage.

Next, what size do you need for your self storage units. Do you need your self storage unit to be bigger than you are using currently, in case you need room to grow? Do you just need your self storage units to be practical for this moment in time and easy to access? The basic set up and no more? Measure your belongings (call us for advice if you’re not sure how), and book exactly what you need.

Now onto the fun!

Work out how you are going to get your belongings to us! Do you need to hire a van? Do you need help loading? Going from your house to us or maybe your office is located in the city and you need collection. Do you need packing materials? Beehive can provide you with all the packing materials that you will need to keep your stuff safe. We can also help you find the right self storage for you.

And finally…

…setting up your self storage in your storage unit. If you are skilled at playing Tetris, this might be a fun challenge, otherwise speak to our experts on site! They can help you with packing your belongings and get the most from your storage space. Your storage space is somewhere you can utilise the self storage space carefully and our team are always near to help.

So, to summarise…

Google Beehive self storage near me to find your nearest location.

Work out what you are looking for your self storage unit to do. Why do you need self storage?

Measure and work out what size storage unit you need. Your storage unit can range vastly in size, depending on what type of self storage facilities that you are looking for.

Set yourself up properly, first time! Your self storage unit is personal to you. Make sure that your self storage unit works its hardest for you! This is why you have researched self storage facilities so make sure it’s right for you.

Good luck and remember that our team are here if you want to call and chat or go online.

Find your nearest store here and book online your self storage.