It’s the summer holidays!

6 weeks stretches ahead of holidays abroad, staycations and trying to be outside as much as possible. But it’s also time when you can start sorting the house before Autumn and the nights get darker.

Use the extra hours in the evening to clear out the garden shed. Throw away those old paint pots and store equipment that you don’t use every day or every week like the leaf blower or the pond cleaner in a self-storage unit to give yourself more space.

Using the garage as a storage unit? Have a big clear out and with items you really want to save, then invest in a real storage unit, like the ones at Beehive Self Storage which are dry, clean and secure, and turn your garage back into a garage!

When it comes to digging out your old holiday clothes you might find that the kids have outgrown theirs or lockdown wasn’t so kind to your waistline. Don’t throw them out. Recycle them by taking them to your local charity shop or sell them online through various ways like eBay, Debop and Vinted. Store away ones that have sentimental value but if it doesn’t fit or bring you joy, out it goes!

Maybe this is the summer that you learn to paddleboard/ kayak/ surf? With all the space you’ve created in your shed, you can easily store your new hobby there. As well as being able to pack it away for the winter in your new storage unit.

Whatever you’re planning on this summer holiday, stay safe, have fun and let’s see what Autumn brings!

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