The house has been sold/ bought and you are on the move! You might have booked a truck and removals team to move all of your belongings or maybe your friend has offered to help you save money and will move it for free but no matter what, we bet you are surrounded by moving boxes, small boxes and lots of stuff you’re not sure if you are going to keep or tip!

So we’ve put together some top tips for moving house. We can’t guarantee to make your moving day stress free, but we hope that with our moving tips and advice we can make it a bit easier as you move to your new home.

  1. Sounds obvious but make sure you have enough supplies and essentials like bubble wrap, packing tape and packing boxes to hand in advance. Contact Beehive Storage as we supply all the packing supplies you will need.
  2. If you are booking a removals team make sure you book early and don’t leave this to last minute! Same goes if you are just booking a truck and not a removals team. This is not a last minute job!
  3. Keep old towels handy as these are great for wrapping up delicate items or padding out a partially empty box.
  4. Label your boxes properly! Don’t just write kitchen/ bedroom etc be specific about the contents so it goes to the correct room and if for the kitchen, label the box highlighting the contents so you don’t lose the kettle on moving day.
  5. Go through each room and write a list of what needs to go in a box and what heavy items need to be separated.
  6. Heavy items! Make sure you ask a friend to help or find out if your removal team will move them for you. Bring those old towels out again as these are great to save heavy items against any damage in the move.
  7. Another good idea is to keep the clothing that you’ll need for the next couple of days, food needed, and items like phone chargers etc in a bag that you can store easily and not lose in the move.
  8. Make sure you have a variety of sizes of boxes. Items like underwear/ scarves/ socks merit packing into their own box for ease when you arrive at the new place and start the unpacking.
  9. Before you get to your new home, discover what items you like but don’t actually need. You can put these into storage with Beehive Storage until you’ve finished unpacking at your new place and then you’ll know if you have the space for them in the property.
  10. Make sure you complete all the essentials before moving day! Contact your telephone, electric and gas companies to let them know you are moving and make sure you contact the post office to tell them your new address to redirect your post.


We hope these packing tips and moving tips help you on the big day and help to cut the stress a little bit!