So, you’ve decided to move!

You’ve found your dream home, your contracts are nearly completed, and you’ve already started decorating it in your mind.

But there’s a lot to do beforehand. Here’s a handy list for you to work from to ensure you don’t miss anything.


Contact your landlord.

If you are renting, make sure you have given them enough notice.


Contact utility suppliers

If you are currently living somewhere, you need to let them know your moving date, so you don’t incur any extra charges. Ensure you have got everything up and running for your new property as well.

Suppliers you will need to let know;

Water provider

Broadband provider

Insurance provider

Energy provider

Take meter readings on your last day, take a picture on your phone as well, and be ready to submit. Also, take a picture of the readings when you arrive at your new property to ensure you don’t get any extra charges.

Make sure you cancel any subscriptions you have to your home. Magazines/ milk/ monthly boxes.

Also, speak to the Post Office about having your post redirected to your new address.



Before you move, don’t take anything you haven’t used in ages! Use this chance to declutter. If there’s anything you don’t use but don’t want to throw away, consider putting it in storage. Beehive Self Storage can help with their wide range of storage sizes.



Pack and label

Start getting everything together and packaging up everything room by room. Clearly label each box so you or the removal people can place it in the correct room. When doing the kitchen, ensure the kettle and cups are at the top of the box! Nothing like a cuppa to settle you in after a hard day’s move.



Get quotes as soon as possible from removal companies. Beehive Self Storage has a van you can hire if you decide to do it yourself.


Change of address

Make sure you tell the following that you have moved.

Council (stop Council Tax)

DVLA for driving licence

TV Licensing


Your work to update details

Doctor/ dentist


Moving day

Have a box to one side filled with essentials.

Pack away

Toilet roll

Kitchen roll

Tea bags/ coffee/ milk

Cleaning products, including bin bags

Phone chargers

Duvet and bedding for your first night



Good luck and enjoy your new home!

For all your storage needs or moving accessories like boxes, tape, bubble wrap, furniture covers etc., speak to Beehive or visit one of our storage units.