Happy New Year!

What can you imagine 2022 bringing you? 2020 was a wipe out for most of us and 2021 felt like we were slowly creaking back to normality, but 2022 feels full of fresh promise.

Is this the year you try a new career?

Maybe reinvent yourself?

Run that marathon, complete a challenge, enter a game show??

Maybe it’s moving home or even moving countries?

There’s something magical about January. Yes, it’s a cold and bleak month, yes, it’s normally the month that we are all a bit poorer from Christmas and yes, everyone is normally on a diet or an alcohol detox but it’s also the beginning of a year. It’s time to gather your thoughts, (well, no one is going out so you’ve plenty of time!), sit down and write a pros and cons list and work out how 2022 could become your year.

If you are considering getting fit, trimming up, completing a new challenge then speak to your local gym. Many have special January offers to lure you in!

A new career? Speak to https://nationalcareers.service.gov.uk you can take a skills test to see what career would suit you.

Moving home? Houses are still moving fast so register your interest with all your local estate agents. Let them know what you are looking for and your budget. Also work out if you’ll need to have storage. Beehive Self Storage has a range of different sized units to accommodate your storage needs. We always recommend coming to see us so you get a good idea of the size you need. Just click here.

Emigrating? This is truly life changing but could be the best thing you could ever do! Even if you travel abroad for a gap year, travel will enhance your life! Speak to Citizens Advice for information and help. You might also need storage, either to pack up your whole house while you travel or to store belongings in this country for loved ones or for when you visit. Pay a visit to Beehive Self Storage and our friendly team will ensure you get the right storage. We’ve had people store their treasured possessions with us for years and years, safe in the knowledge that we’ll keep them protected.

Whatever happens, make 2022 the year of you and enjoy it!

Happy New Year!