It’s the nerve-wracking month for all students across the land! August is when the exam results come in and they discover if all their hard work has paid off.
Many students feel this is a make-or-break situation, but others of us, who have wisdom and time on our side, know that this is a time where things can be reversed, plans can change and sometimes a change can lead on to something bigger and better!

Pre Results Day

Your child might be getting nervous in the build-up. Ensure they have a toolkit to help combat nerves. It might be decent headphones and giving them space to be alone. Or activities to keep them occupied. Or it might be just to give them more freedom to be with friends over this time.

Results Day

Many will receive their results by email in the morning and some universities will already write to you offering you a place before you even know what you’ve got!
But a lot like going to the school/ college to find out the results with their fellow students.
Start the day off with breakfast for energy. Maybe go for a walk to clear the pre-nerve jitters!

After Results

If you got what you wanted and accepted into the place you wanted to go…congratulations! ?
But if not, you might be wondering what to do next. The good news is that there are always options, and your school should be able to assist you with these. It might be that you are able to go for a Clearing Place so all is not lost. The options are available to retake, take a gap year to gather your thoughts and gain experience or even appeal.

But if you have got into the university of your dreams, Beehive Storage can help.
We’ve got small lockers in our Taunton branch, perfect to store the smaller items when you are home and larger units to store your uni bedroom over the summer period.
Plus, we store all the accessories including boxes, packing tape and padlocks.

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