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Can you imagine life without cardboard boxes?

Where would we be able to store things? How would we sort out all our knick knacks when we move home? What else would your little ones play with at Christmas (Heaven forbid they play with the actual toy that you bought!), and what would the cat sit in at the first...

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What type of storer are you?

What type of storer are you? Are you a ‘throw it all in a box and I’ll sort later’ type? Are you a ‘carefully labelled, easily identified from the outside’ type? Or maybe the more rarer ‘list of contents printed on the outside, everything inside bubble wrapped’ type?...

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What size is that?

It's all very well seeing storage units sizes and reading sq ft this and 25 square feet that but what does it actually mean? It's good to imagine what a storage unit size could look like. When you need to store the contents of a garden shed, a two bedroom house, a one...

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Let’s get a move on!

The house has been sold/ bought and you are on the move! You might have booked a truck and removals team to move all of your belongings or maybe your friend has offered to help you save money and will move it for free but no matter what, we bet you are surrounded by...

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How to choose your Self Storage Facilities?

So, you need to clear some space and need new storage at home! It could be because you have a child moving back in, having to turn a room into an office so you can work from home or maybe it's something completely different, maybe you are downsizing your house and...

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As a temporary measure due to COVID19 Guidelines we are asking customers to call in advance to book appointments to access their storage units. This will help us to ensure the safety of both our customers and staff. It is also advisable to bring a face covering with you as an additional precaution as you are accessing an enclosed indoor space. This policy will be reviewed and removed when it’s safe to do so.

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