Last year, thanks to the cut of Stamp Duty, everyone was on the move!

The housing market was on an all-time high and houses were selling the moment they hit the market.

Then the energy crisis loomed, the war in Ukraine created an increase in food prices, people were asked to return to the offices and the housing market has started to stall. So, the government have released a ‘mini’ budget to help give all new homeowners a boost.


But what does that mean to you?

Buyers of homes that cost less than £250,000 don’t pay stamp duty. That will comfortably buy you an average terraced home in most places outside of the South East of England.

First time buyers can spend £425,000 – roughly an average flat in London – before paying stamp duty.

Spend £625,000 – perhaps a detached home somewhere like Colingham in Leeds – and you’ll pay nearly £19,000.

At £1m – which could be a detached home in Shenfield at the Essex end of the Elizabeth Line – stamp duty will cost just over £41,000. *


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