Renting a self storage unit is a great tool for those looking to increase their space at home by storing their possessions elsewhere. However, maximising the unit’s potential requires strategic organisation! Maybe you are getting ready for a move, renovating your home, or already have a storage unit but are looking to re-organise and maximise space. Not to worry, these essential tips will transform your storage experience, giving you a helping hand to getting the most out of (or in) your storage unit.


1. Packing Smart – Think Tetris, Not Landfill

Resist the urge to toss everything into boxes willy-nilly just to get them out of the way. Treat your unit like a game of Tetris, strategically using every inch. Utilise vertical space with stackable containers and shelves and invest in space-saving vacuum storage bags for bulky items like clothing, bedding and pillows. Although you want to ensure everything is packed tightly to maximise space, make sure to leave breathing room between boxes to allow for air circulation and easier access and when packing and stacking boxes, make sure to put heavy items at the bottom to ensure you separate them from your lighter, more delicate belongings and avoid any breakages.


under bed storage


2. Utilise Furniture

Think outside the box (literally)! If you are storing bigger furniture items like beds or wardrobes, use them to your advantage. Furniture can be multi-functional when it comes to storage, doubling up as great cubby spaces, maximising space and keeping your unit organised. Fill your drawers, cupboards, hollow beds and bed frames with boxes and items that you are less likely to use, such as shoes, linens, or even Christmas and holiday decorations. This way you are not taking up any more space and you are still able to store everything you need to.


Household plastic storage containers

3. Use The Right Storage Container for The Right Thing

As well as cardboard boxes and general packing materials, consider buying more non-conventional storage solutions such as plastic bins; these are great for lightweight objects like tools or books. You could even opt for sturdier metal containers for the heavier objects. Although some storage companies offer completely watertight units (like Beehive), to offer you even more peace of mind we’d suggest storing moisture-sensitive items like photos or documents in watertight containers to doubly ensure your beloved and important keepsakes don’t sustain damage.


storage hall with open storages

4. Create an Aisle

Don’t let your storage unit become untidy and inaccessible. Leave designated walkways between rows of boxes and furniture. This will allow for easy access to any item, preventing the frustration of having to move everything and dig through your possessions just to reach something at the back. Consider placing more frequently needed items towards the front entrance of the unit for added convenience.


Young Asian man doing stocktaking

5. Take Inventory

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to storage, so it’s important to conduct a thorough inventory of your belongings before packing. This will help you avoid storing duplicates or unnecessary items. Create a digital or physical list categorised by contents and location within the unit and make sure to regularly update your inventory as you add or remove items. Knowing what you have saves time, money and prevents rediscovering forgotten treasures years later. Additionally, label everything clearly with contents and dates to make retrieval a breeze in the future, and consider colour-coding your labels for different categories, adding a visual dimension to your organisation.

With these tips in hand, you can transform your self storage unit into a haven of organisation and accessibility. Remember, a well-packed unit minimises stress and maximises space, allowing you to breathe easy and enjoy the newfound freedom of organisation. So, get packing, utilise these strategies, and discover the joys of a spacious and organised life. If you are looking at renting a self storage unit, but don’t know where to go, contact Beehive Storage today to get 50% off your first 4 weeks!