Storage units so good you could live in them!

With the housing market spiralling out of control a local couple have come up with an ingenious solution. Kelly Harwood and Sam Taylor of Taunton have decided to embark on a new, unique lifestyle transformation by relocating to a self-storage facility.

Kelly Harwood explains “I was helping my dad move furniture into his storage unit at Beehive Self Storage and whilst there he commented ‘these facilities are so good you could live in them’”. And that’s where the idea began.

Kelly spoke to her fiancé Sam immediately exclaiming that she had found the perfect place for them!

Warm, secure, plenty of neighbours and space to furnish it how they desired. And Kelly knew exactly how she wanted it to look!

Despite Beehive Self Storage, with locations in Lopen, Taunton, and Child Okeford, never welcoming any homeowners before now,  Kelly and Sam set to work over the course of a few weeks converting a large unit into a stylish studio apartment. With new sofas, cosy lights and plants, the storage unit has been transformed into a beautiful, homely living space. The couple has everything planned out, having recently acquired the adjacent unit and converting it into a fabulous bedroom, and the dream is to convert a smaller unit just two blocks down into a luxury wet room which is something that Kelly has always dreamed about!

They have now been living in their storage unit since January 2022 and finally feel settled into their new luxury home. And with Kelly’s dads unit just next door, he’s always popping in for a cuppa.

Have Kelly and Sam discovered the future for new homes?