It is without a doubt that summer is here. The days are longer, the birds are chirping louder and that itch to fire up the BBQ and soak up the warm sunshine starts calling. But wait! Before the temperatures rise and you fling open the front door and declare your home open to all your friends, is your space truly summer ready?

Here at Beehive Storage, we have compiled the ultimate guide to transforming your home into the best hangout space this summer, with some summer decorating ideas and a sprinkle of clever storage solutions.

Store up for Summer and Embrace the Seasonal Swap

No one wants to celebrate summer in a messy space. Imagine navigating a maze of skis, winter coats and blankets just to grab a cold drink! Summer is the time for sunshine, not snow boots, so pack away those heavy winter coats, chunky jumpers, and out-of-season decor. By creating a more open space by putting away your winter items, you can make more room for hosting and replacing your winter themes with new summer ones. Here at Beehive Storage, we offer a variety of storage units perfect for keeping your winter essentials safe and sound until next season.

Out with the Old and in with the Fun

Is there a dusty exercise bike or a forgotten board game collection taking up precious room? Consider donating them or selling them online to create room for summer essentials. After all, wouldn’t a comfy hammock be a much better addition to your patioBy utilising your outdoor spaces, you are able to create a whole new fun and friendly atmosphere.

The landscape view of a cozy white and warm wood living room with a comfort sofa set and other wood furniture at a resident place with natural light.

Amp Up the Ambiance with Natural Elements 

Now that you’ve cleared your house, it’s time to inject some serious summer flair. Here are some tips on how to style your home feel more summery:

  • Lighten Up – Swap heavy curtains for breezy sheers to let the sunshine in. Add some strategically placed mirrors to bounce natural light around and create a more open feel.
  • Summer Scents – Nothing says summer quite like the fresh scent of flowers. Scatter vases with vibrant blooms throughout your home, or invest in some summer-inspired diffusers with refreshing scents like citrus or lemongrass.
  • Welcome the Outdoors in – Become and plant parent and bring the beauty of nature inside with potted plants and fresh herbs. Open windows to let in the fresh air and the sounds of summer – chirping birds and playful laughter are all the perfect soundtrack to a good summer.

A successful summer gathering is all about fostering connection and conversation. Here’s how to create designated zones for mingling and making memories:

  • The Comfy Conversation Nook: Rearrange your furniture to create cosy seating areas with plush cushions and throws. String some fairy lights for a touch of magic in the evening.
  • Games Galore: Dust off those board games and cards and dedicate a table as the official games area. Complete with comfy chairs, snacks and light blankets.
  • Feasting Zone: If you’re lucky enough to have a patio or backyard, transform it into an outdoor dining area. String up some colourful bunting for a festive touch, and set up comfortable seating for your guests.

Top Tip: For extra storage, consider foldable furniture that you can easily stow away when the summer season is over, maximising your space without compromising on summer fun.

Tropical-themed ice cream party

Don’t Forget the Fun Factor – An insight on how to make your house more seasonal

  • Themed Decorations – choose a fun theme for gatherings like a tropical vibe, fancy dress or movie characters and decorate the house in bright colours for that added fun factor!
  • The summer soundtrack- Create a playlist filled with upbeat tunes that will get everyone jumping and jiving. From classic summer anthems to sunbathing chilled background music, make sure your playlist caters to all tastes.

By following these tips to take advantage of the summer season, you can transform your home into the ultimate summer spot. Remember, it’s all about creating a space that feels light and airy. So, fire up the BBQ, crank up the music and get ready for a summer of unforgettable fun!

And, when the summer season comes to a close, if you’re left with items you don’t have space for – that’s where we come in. With a range of self storage solutions in a variety of sizes, trust us to find the perfect self storage unit to fit your needs. Whether you’re needing to store BBQ’s and chairs, or summer clothes and curtains, you can store all your summer gear with Beehive! Get in touch today to find out more about the storage services we offer.