office move

Tips for making your Office move smooth

If you’re getting ready for an office move, it’s likely that you are highly anticipating the stress that will come with it. An office move that seems smooth and easy may seem like the ideal situation, though it can be easily done by following our top tips.

Plan and Prepare

Planning and preparing for a move beforehand is the only way to ensure it will run as smoothly as possible. It’s important to understand what items in your office you are going to take with you, and how you are going to transport these to the new location. Thinking about this well in advance will help to avoid any last minute rushing and panicking.

Tote Boxes

Plastic, reusable tote boxes are the ultimate way of helping to speed up packing and unpacking processes due to the ease of being able to see exactly what is inside. Tote boxes are perfect for containing files, books and other miscellaneous items that may be lurking around your office. They are easily stackable, meaning the space you have can be put to better use.

Filing Cabinets

Many people make the mistake of not emptying out filing cabinets before the big move. If files are left inside, it can cause the cabinets to warp during the move due to the sheer weight. You can use the plastic tote boxes to store the files during the move, meaning your filing cabinet is empty and can be placed in transit in any way, without the worry of files being damaged.

Labelling System

Labelling every box that is being moved is the ideal way to ensure everyone knows where all items should be stored. Associating different colours of labels for each workstation can ensure things are placed in the correct area in a quick and easy manner. Anything that isn’t labelled can mean it will need to be unpacked and sorted through beforehand.

Removal Service

Hiring a removal service could be the answer to your office move woes. Here at Beehive, we have professionally trained and experienced staff who are 100% committed to excellence and take great care when handling and transporting belongings.

If you are looking for removals or storage help in the Dorset or Somerset areas, you can get in touch with the Beehive team for a free, no obligation quote. For more information, call 08456 436 100.

Tidy Home

5 Reasons Why a Spotless Home is the Key to Happy Living

Whether you’re an avid cleaner or you absolutely hate the chore of doing so, there’s no denying that living in a cleaner home makes us feel good on the inside. Having too much mess within your home can impact your psychological health, causing you to feel stressed as cleaning your home becomes a difficult task. You can help to reignite the positive feelings within your home and life by living in a clean and friendly environment. We’ve put together the top 5 reasons why a spotless home is the key to happy living.

No Chaos

It’s inevitable that throwing things away is going to be a difficult task. Many people find the value in things quickly and easily, whether it’s because of personal reasons or because you believe there is still practical use to it. An unorganised home equals chaos, and a chaotic home equals a chaotic mind.

You can clear unorganised mess from your home in a number of fun and easy ways. Whether you want to give things away to family and friends, donate to charity or sell. If you have too many items that aren’t at their best and are better off in the bin, arrange for a skip to come to your home to take away any waste and unsold items.

More Productivity

The cleanliness of your home has the ability to shape who you are; your mood, outlook and productivity levels. By taking the time to remove the rubbish and clutter from within your home and create a clean, carefree space, you’ll soon begin to find that your productivity levels soar and you become more useful both at home and work.

A tidy home works in the same way a tidy desk at work would- if it’s messy, it could be bad news for your productivity levels. A clean environment ca boost your energy levels and overall health, helping you to remain focused throughout the day.


Though some people hate cleaning, it can actually be very therapeutic. By removing excess rubbish from your home and life, your body, soul and mind will feel cleansed and free (a lot like your home!). People that put time in to keeping their home mess free are usually happier beings. The actual process of cleaning can provide us with satisfaction as we get the job done, helping to boost our moods and relieve symptoms of stress.

If you have a lot to get through, why not start with your bedroom? A clean and organised bedroom can help to promote a peaceful relaxation area, as well as improved sleep.


Multiple conducted studies have shown that living in a clean and tidy home can be great for our health. Twenty minutes of exercise a week can impact depression, and the great thing is that cleaning counts as a form of exercise! Obviously some dusting here and there won’t be beneficial, however carrying out cleaning activities that leave you exhausted means you’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

Research has also shown that being in a clean and tidy environment could lead to healthier food choices, and those who worked in a neater space were twice as likely to choose fruit over chocolate!

Bad Habits

Perhaps the mess in your home stems from bad habits that are causing you to over buy and live in a chaotic home. Whilst buying less is the obvious way to cut back on mess and have a tidy, clean home, you could also focus your spending on experiences rather than material things. Living with less and experiencing more is a great way to ensure healthy and happy minds as well as a stress free home.

Whether you want to go to the gym, see a film or visit a theme park- the possibilities are endless if you focus your bad habits of spending to experience days instead.

If you’re currently cleaning your home and are finding you have a lot of items you wish to keep, perhaps a self-storage unit could be the answer? This way, you’ll be able to keep your treasured possessions but in a place that doesn’t affect your home life. For more information, get in touch with a member of the Beehive team by giving us a call on 08456 436 100.