Ever been curious about what’s behind those big metal doors, do you need solutions to solve your storage troubles or are you just wanting to know what your neighbour keeps in theirs? 

Contrary to popular belief, a storage unit is much more than four walls and a few items. Every day, we come across a variety of unique storage stories, ranging from business essentials and household furniture to an ex’s high school yearbook and even a garden gnome collection.

Here we take you through the keyhole to some of the most common uses for storage space, to give you some inspiration for your next storage unit!


1. You’ve run out of Storage

One of the main reasons you might look into getting a storage unit is because you’ve run out of space at home. Anyone else have a cupboard like Monica’s from Friends where everything is tucked away and no matter how hard you try to make it your best kept secret –someone will always find your cupboard of doom!

Well, now you can have it all. A pristine home, the envy of all your friends and not a spot of clutter in sight; all whilst keeping hold of all your favourite bits and bobs.

A storage unit is that messy cupboard that no one can find! Spend a day listening to music and sorting through all of your stuff ready to store it neatly away. Why not try storing your old photos and albums in a unit? Or maybe you’re holding onto bits for when the kids go off to uni or move out? All of this can be kept locked away in a storage unit ready for when it’s needed.

out of storage


2. Business Inventory

Have you ever come up with an epic idea for an e-commerce business but had no idea where you could store the stuff for it? Get yourself a storage unit! Whatever you have, put it in a storage unit to keep it safe and accessible whenever you need it.

Even better, get yourself a Beehive Storage unit and rest assured that your inventory is stored securely with 24-hour CCTV, watertight containers and with the added convenience of padlocks, storage boxes and tape all available onsite. This will ensure you can run your business from home and keep everything neat and tucked away in a unit, so that you can separate your home life from your work life.

business inventory storage

3. Moving House

If the thought of moving all of your belongings from one location to another is making you anxious, a storage unit is your new best friend! We can help you whether you need to store everything temporarily while you move, or if you just want to declutter before the big day.

We can even accept deliveries of your belongings and safely store them in your unit for you if you are unable to accept them yourself!

You can also tackle the challenge in stages by gradually putting your bits in a unit. Sort through your belongings and add them to your unit once a week to make the move more enjoyable and organised.

moving house storage

Equipments for SME online business , delivery business laptop, barcode, boxes, checking product on stocks or parcels. Small business working at home office.


4. Time to Travel

Thinking about booking that trip to travel and taking a break? Do it! And don’t worry about your belongings; we’ll keep them safe. We even offer vans for hire so you can move your belongings with ease! Store your belongings in a storage unit while you travel the world.

It’s never too late to start, so whether you have a place to rent out or a lot of belongings to keep safe while you’re away, get yourself a storage unit, hire a moving van and book the ticket to go!

storage whilst travelling

5. Collections

Have you collected something so much over the years that you now have a room full of chaos and nowhere to put it all? Lego, car miniatures, vinyl records, books, or snow globes – whatever it is, you can protect them in a storage unit!

You don’t want to have to throw away your favourite items, nor do you want them to be ruined in your own home. A storage unit will keep these items safe and accessible so you can get them whenever you want. You’ll also free up a new room in the house! Need a new office? Or maybe a spare bedroom?


6. The Seasons

Is the Christmas tree still sat in the conservatory? And the pumpkin decorations still tucked away in the cupboard? We’re not Scrooges, but we do agree that the tree appears in season! So, you can store all of these items in a storage unit until the time of year comes round.

And that’s not just decorations! Why not store your summer and winter clothes in a storage unit too? This will sort out your wardrobe and make it more practical and organised.

So, if you’re feeling a little cluttered and want to organise your chaos a bit, consider getting a storage unit at Beehive Storage. We’ll look after your belongings and be there to help with anything you need because we care. 🐝

Get in touch with our friendly team and book your storage unit today.