Top 5 Places to Hide Christmas Gifts

Storing Christmas gifts in the lead up to the big day can prove tricky if you have little ones in the house. Kids will be naturally excited about the prospect of presents – even the most angelic might be tempted to have a peek to find out what they are receiving.

Make sure your presents are kept a secret this year with our Top 5 places to hide Christmas gifts!


The first place to hide Christmas presents is anywhere that’s out of reach. If your loft is used purely for storage, it’s likely that your kids are already forbidden from going up there anyway. Hide your gifts in amongst the storage boxes and no one will suspect a thing!


If you do not have a loft, perhaps your garden shed is another area that’s out of reach. Store your Christmas gifts in waterproof bags or containers to prevent them from getting damp. Put them on a high shelf or away from anything dangerous, such as weed killer, which could damage your presents.


Generally, garages are used to store tools, spare appliances or miscellaneous junk. It’s not the sort of place that young children are allowed to explore, so why not use it to hide your Christmas gifts? If your kids are still likely to snoop around the garage, you could disguise the gifts in bin bags to make them look like rubbish. Just make sure you let other family members know, in case they throw them away by mistake!

Cleaning cupboards

In every home, there are cupboards full of “boring stuff” that kids won’t go into – full of brooms, dustpans and brushes, and cleaning products. If you have a spacious cleaning cupboard, why not hide some Christmas gifts at the back? If the cupboard is full to the brim, another good place is the airing cupboard, underneath a pile of bedsheets or towels.

Self-storage container

Do you have lots of presents to buy this year and nowhere to store them? Reduce your stress levels in the run up to Christmas by hiding your gifts somewhere entirely different. A self-storage container is a simple solution for your presents; it’s safe, secure and easy for you to access, but impossible for your children to find!

Here at Beehive Self Storage, we have a wide variety of storage solutions on offer for the festive season, complete with unlimited access so that you can add new gifts as you buy them. There’s no need to sign up to a long contract, either; just pay for the time you need the unit!

For more information, take a look at our website and feel free to get in touch with the friendly Beehive team.

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