Top Tips for Bookshelf Organisation

Do you have a lot of books? We have some top tips for displaying them in your home and coming up with a system that makes them easy to find. 

Where to put your bookshelf

On deciding where to put your books, think about how often you will be using them. If this is a collection of books you are going to read often, it’s beneficial to keep them on the wall in your study or living room – a prominent place that’s easy to reach. If it’s a selection of recipe books, think about where you could make room in your kitchen. If you consider yourself a bookworm and own a large collection, there are lots of ways to display books throughout your home.

Choosing your bookshelf

You can use all sorts of materials to create a bookshelf; as long they are sturdy enough to carry the books you can let your imagination run wild! For fans of upcycling, there are plenty of items that could be repurposed for books – perhaps you could turn a ladder on its side and use the rungs to organise books into categories.

Ways to Organise Your Books

Arranging your books can be more than a random display of whatever fits – you can organise them in a way that makes them easy to find. Even if you don’t consider yourself an organised person, there is something rather satisfying about creating a system for your books!

  • Organise by colour. Create a “rainbow bookshelf” by separating your books by their colour. This works well if you have a large collection of books and your shelves cover a large portion of the wall. Rainbow bookshelves will certainly spark conversation when your friends come to visit!
  • Organise by alphabet. For a more traditional approach, organise books by the author’s last name. This method means that you’ll know where to find your books if you’re in a hurry, and visitors will understand the system, too.
  • Organise by genre. If you have a number of books in different genres, it might not make sense for you to organise by author, rather by genre. Separate your books into distinct categories that suit you, e.g. Classic Novels, Travel Writing, Fishing…they may look a bit random to an outsider, but they will reflect your taste and interests.

Not just for books

Who says a bookshelf only has to contain books? Your novels could be interspersed with photo frames, candles and houseplants, adding variety to the shelf and distinguishing between different categories of books. Be careful not to let it become cluttered, however. When you are dusting your bookshelves, remove any items that have found their way onto the bookshelf by mistake.

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