It’s all very well seeing storage units sizes and reading sq ft this and 25 square feet that but what does it actually mean?

It’s good to imagine what a storage unit size could look like. When you need to store the contents of a garden shed, a two bedroom house, a one bedroom flat, a single garage or the contents of transit van…what could that size look like?

Here’s a comprehensive size guide to help.

Let’s start with our Clearing A Room unit! 25 sq ft. You can fit all of this in the back of a small van and to imagine it, just close your eyes and imagine fitting everything onto a double bed! That’s the size of 25 sq ft approximately. Think small garden shed height wise, but this is ideal to clear some clutter in the house and give you the space you need.

Then we move up to a 1 bed flat. The 50 sq ft storage size. This can fit nicely into the back of a transit van. Imagine a small bathroom complete with bath, sink and shower and you’ve got the idea!

Jump up to a 75 sq ft storage unit. 1 LWB Transit needed to deliver all of this to our door this time! Contents of a two bedroom flat or 2 bedroom house can fit nicely in here and also 540 of our archive boxes.

Our 100 sq ft is fully loaded up in a luton van! This self storage unit size has so much space. You could even buy an apartment that is 100 sq ft. You could fit the contents of a one, two or even three bedroom property here and still have room for the kitchen sink!

Moving on up to our 125 sq ft unit. This offers you so much storage space. This is 2 transit van loads worth of equipment, almost 900 archive boxes. This offers you so much size you could fit 5 x telephone box in it!

And then we have the daddy of them all…the 150 sq ft one. This is 150 square feet of storage space that could be filled by a 7.5 ton lorry! You could fit the contents of a 4 or 5 bedroom house easily in this size unit. So, how much space does 150 square feet look like? This can fit in 1080 archive boxes. More than enough to store that old piano, sofa or full length dinner table and chairs plus more! Discover the storage sizes in our stores near you. And if you need help with your search for the perfect storage size, speak to our team online.