What type of storer are you?

Are you a ‘throw it all in a box and I’ll sort later’ type?
Are you a ‘carefully labelled, easily identified from the outside’ type?
Or maybe the more rarer ‘list of contents printed on the outside, everything inside bubble wrapped’ type?

When it comes to the type of storer you are, can affect the type and size of storage you will need. If you want to throw it in and sort it later, you might need a larger space. One where you have the freedom to move the boxes around and look through them without leaving your storage space.

If you are slightly more organised and have the boxes ordered per room or per category, you could get away with a smaller storage space. You will know if the boxes are safe to be stacked and you can organise into specific areas so you know exactly where to look when you want something.

If you are the highly organised list on the outside, individually wrapped, categorised type…do you even need storage! Joking aside, you can easily get away with a smaller space. You are storing exactly what you need to store and no more so you can book the smallest possible size.

The best way to find out how much you will need is to speak to the team at Beehive and pay a visit to see the units. As much as we can tell you how big a 25ft is or roughly what size home can fit in there, it’s only when you look at it that you can truly understand if you can fit your belongings in.

Tell us what type of storer you are and we’ll find you the perfect fit!

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