Did you get sent home during the pandemic to work from home?

2 years later and some people have migrated off the kitchen table to create a space in their home whilst others are still finding the perfect location with optimum WIFI to handle the Zoom call and hide from the dog!
Who can forget the legendary BBC interview with the expert at home and his children cavorting into the room while he desperately tries to ignore them and his wife valiantly tries to round them up while not being seen on camera…but failing miserably!

And if you have a pet and work from home, they’ve all joined in the fun. No matter where she is in the house, often sound asleep, the moment my cat Darcy hears the Zoom noise she comes running in to walk around my desk, rubbing her tail over my head while I try to ignore her and pretend I’m being very professional.
But here’s the crux.

People are being asked to return to work or make decisions about flexi working and this means that we need to decide about our space and how we work.
A lot of people have cobbled it together, not wanting to turn the house upside down for a working arrangement that might not last, but now need to work out if they carve a real working space in their home. This might mean clearing out the spare room and setting up a desk, office chair and storage facilities for paperwork. Or it could be the other way round. You might have established an office space at home and are now back to work. Where do you keep the desk and office chair? What about the filing cabinet and storage boxes?

Work itself might not have the space but with the current employment climate, you might not want to get rid of your home office furniture just yet. Likewise, if you are clearing the spare room, you might want to keep the furniture from there just in case you do return to the office.

At Beehive Self Storage, we store a variety of sizes and can also archive office files for you. Keeping everything safe and sound and ready in case your circumstances change, or you simply change your mind!

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